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"We have been very pleased with the
way iSpoc has implemented IHLP ..."

University of Southern Denmark

Service provider for Denmark's future

In the autumn of 2015, SDU – University of Southern Denmark entered into a new service era when the university completed a tender for the implementation of a contemporary service platform. Among five suppliers and systems suitable for the purpose, IHLP was selected after a thorough evaluation of functionality, quality and prices.

Time for a contemporary solution

When SDU decided to replace its current service solution, it was in order to meet expectations of increased user interaction with the service via current communication channels.

IT service at SDU was previously a function one called up when something was not working. Over time, IT service has become a much more dynamic, visible and advisory function at SDU. This means that IT service today consists of a diverse range of services that can be accessed through a transparent service catalogue – just as there will be access to support via self-service, chat and social media.

Three weeks and then up and running

Back in the autumn of 2015, there was great focus on the objective: to launch the new service platform before Christmas. In just under three weeks, iSpoc managed to implement and secure IHLP at SDU, including training 150 employees in the new solution. Within the estimated time, SDU received a fully usable service platform integrated with SDU's underlying systems and with forms that ensure uniform reporting of the different types of cases from the organisation's more than 6,000 employees and 35,000 students.

A dynamic service for the future

Among new initiatives that SDU and iSpoc are working on is the integration between the organization's service platform and various social media. In addition, various extensions will be looked at which integrate with Skype for Business that offer an even more dynamic service experience for the various user groups of SDU.

Focus on the target

Christmas break immediately after "Going live" has of course meant that there will be a need to refresh our experiences with IHLP in the beginning of 2016. But otherwise the activities at SDU have been characterised by adhering to the agreed framework and guidelines for the project. For the benefit of both SDU and iSpoc.

Concerning the cooperation, Claus Trap Christensen, IT support manager at SDU, says, "We have been very pleased with the way iSpoc has implemented IHLP with us and have great hopes for our continued cooperation with iSpoc". And Claus adds, "Both the simplicity of the IHLP system and iSpoc's ability to understand our needs and manage the project cycle have contributed to a good start on the cooperation", while Marianne Bach, Project Manager at iSpoc says, "That we could secure IHLP SDU at in the short time that was allotted was also because SDU had come up with a good plan, which we all followed strictly".

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