An active user forum where we share ideas and experiences

ServiceMind is iSpoc's active user forum where users and developers put each other in competition - and where good ideas are born.

The purpose of ServiceMind is to involve IHLP users in the development of our software products. Through ServiceMind you also get the option to draw on each other's experiences, share ideas and propose the development of new products.

We invite continuously for IHLP Symposiums and IHLP Experience Meetings, where you can influence our development process, share experiences and establish small networks in the network.

Annual IHLP Symposiums

At the annual IHLP Symposium, IHLP users meet under different themes. Here you can find inspiration from iSpoc's own employees and from various guest speakers. We have over the years including had post from one of Denmark's brightest chefs, from a previous F-16 test pilot from a co-author of ITIL, from one of the Change managers at Novo Nordisk (global pharmaceutical company) and other interesting personalities.

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