Project models

Project Models

In most cases, iSpoc uses one of our project models, when we anchor our solutions for our customers.

In this way we ensure that the project team maintains a good grip on the activities of the project, which is known by the project participants and made measurable.

The differences in project models allows you selecting a project model in keeping with the organization's project objectives, means and process maturity:

iSpoc One

The project model for those who want to begin with the necessary tools support your processes and can keep the configurations to a minimum.

iSpoc Flex

The project model for organizations with a larger need for configurations or with ambitions to get tool support multiple processes simultaneously.

iSpoc Xtnd

The project model for organizations with a pre-defined project plan to follow.

All three models are subject iSpoc's internal quality control, such as means that reuse experience from project to project, the use of delivery standards and the continuous optimization of the most common activities.

Through our project models, we add projects:

  • Clarity. It is important that project participants have an overview of the project from start to finish.
  • Security. As the project is delivered on time - and with the agreed resources.
  • Transparency. Insight into the project to the smallest detail or just a status of the project: When we start a cooperation project owner gets access to our Service Desk at iSpoc: Here it is possible to follow the progress of the project and report cases to iSpoc's Service Desk function.

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