IHLP Service Level

Make your services measurable

To agree on, and live up to, objectives for your services is a cornerstone, when you wish to make sure that recourses invested in your services are put to the best possible use. IHLP Service Level helps you ensure that the services provided match  your business requirements.

IHLP Service Level lets you implement objectives from your service level agreements, so that IHLP can use them to prioritize your daily tasks for you. The result is transparent services and a sensible balance between the services provided and the needs of your organization.

Efficient reporting

If you use IHLP Service Level alongside IHLP Analytics, IHLP gives you a series of tools to generate reports providing you with the necessary overviews for management, financial management and the service teams.

Anchor your sevice level disciplines well and profit from these benefits:

  • Your provided services will be tailored to meet the needs of your customers and users
  • You will set precise goals for your efforts
  • Your provided services will be in accord with your business requirements
  • Deficient as well as surplus service levels will be detected and adjusted
  • Billing based on service agreements will become possible

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