IHLP Service Desk

The starting point for better service

IHLP Service Desk makes it easy to provide support. All relevant information is collected, workflows are underpinned, and you get the necessary overview for prioritizing tasks expediently. And IHLP Service Desk automatically provides you with relevant information about users, devices, and current problems connected to the tasks you are handling.

Communication collected and documented in one place

All communication between supporters and users are provided by the tool. In this way, all the important information is gathered in one place, so it can be presented expediently and manageable for the parties that need the information. These are simple improvements that can be felt on the bottom line.

The service desk function is the starting point for optimizing your service activities. Some of the advantages are:

  • Better service, delivered from the defined service levels

  • Improved availability and increased flexibility

  • Fewer organizational vulnerabilities

  • Better use of resources

  • User participation and self service

  • Improved management

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