IHLP Incident

Well prepared when incidents occur

Mishaps and disruptions of services occur every day and are often costly in terms of latency and resources that could have been invested better. When IHLP Incident is used it reduces the time wasted.

IHLP Incident gives you an overview of the current incidents, so that you can prioritize and coordinate operations in the best possible way. This means that you can spend less time on day-to-day firefighting and set fettered resources free. And relevant information on errors and solutions are recorded for later use. IHLP Incident provides a good basis for avoiding waste of time and resources, and gives you tools for learning from the occurred errors and the found solutions.

Some of the advantages of a well-anchored incident process are:

  • Controlled management of incidents

  • Better planning of the daily routines

  • Fewer organizational vulnerabilities

  • Improved communication

  • More satisfied users

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