Access your central knowledge
anywhere and anytime

IHLP CMDB gives you the opportunity to collect all your relevant information in one place and to share that information with your users. With IHLP CMDB you can define exactly what you wish to document and to whom the various information should be available.

IHLP CMDB comes with a series of standard objects (configuration items), to help you document your infrastructure, customers etc. in details. By providing good possibilities for synchronizing data with other systems and sources, we have made it easy for you to maintain the information in your IHLP CMDB.

Your need for documentation is, of course, better known to you than to us. That is why we have designed IHLP CMDB to let you design and use your own object types. This makes IHLP CMDB an apt tool in numerous contexts. Some of the obvious uses of IHLP CMDB are: Lending and circulation management, facility management, to build and maintain your customer information, management of fixed assets and infrastructure information etc. The extended flexibility of IHLP CMDB allowed us to use IHLP CMDB as the engine in many of our IHLP Solutions. By taking advantage of the possibilities in IHLP CMDB, you get your exact needs meet in IHLP.

Access to your central information when you are on the move

If you also use our service app IHLP Move, you have all relevant information from IHLP CMDB at hand, when you perform onsite support. Simply scan the QR code on your device and get all relevant information shown directly on your smartphone or tablet device.

Some of the key benefits of a well-anchored CMDB are:

  • Overview of processes, systems, and infrastructure

  • Better planning of your infrastructure

  • Control of changes in your infrastructure

  • Better access to and use of central information

  • Improved management of acquisitions

  • Better options for maintaining documentation

  • Overview of your organization's software and hardware

  • Improved information for managers

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