IHLP Cloud

IHLP in a Private Cloud

IHLP Cloud lets you underpin your service management activities in a simple, flexible and safe manner!

You get the same flexibility and security you would get if you were hosting your IHLP solution yourself, but without worries about any hosting matters. And you pay a transparent fee that fits right into your budgets.

The Benefits

With IHLP Cloud, you get IHLP as a service delivered by one of iSpoc's trusted hosting partners. The service comes as a Private Cloud, providing you with high-level security, good flexibility, and with the option to transfer your data to your own On Premise environment later on, if the need should arise.

The Private Cloud solution provides all the benefits in a Cloud solution:

  • No concerns about capacity and hardware.

  • Translucent financial agreement.

  • Security and hosting are entrusted to other professionals.

  • The solution is physically kept apart from your own infrastructure, leaving IHLP online during any local recovery activities.

At the same time, you have the flexibility and security of an On Premise solution:

  • Your IHLP solution can be configured independently to meet your requirements as it is an individual installation.

  • You get same data security that a traditional installation provides as no data are shared with third parties.

Finally, iSpoc's upgrade- and service agreement is included, providing you with a fix number of man-hours per year to apply upgrades to your IHLP solution.

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