IHLP Change

Reach your goals safely

If you implement changes and launch projects without taking necessary precautions, errors and disruptions of service are bound to occur. IHLP Change gives you control over the projects and changes you develop and implement. This prepares you well for preventing costly consequential errors that occur when changes are insufficiently planned and poorly managed. At the same time IHLP Change allows you to document your changes and projects, so that you always know where to look for important information on current and finished projects.

Let your workflows take root

Every organization has a set of 'best practices'. They are, however, far from always observed and it usually takes new employees a while to familiarize themselves with the best workflows and routines. IHLP Change makes it possible for you to collect all of your 'best practices' in one place, and to share them with your employees in relevant situations. This eases everyone's access to valuable know-how and provides consensus on important workflows.

With the Change management process it allows your changes to be directed according to the needs of your business. Some of the key benefits are:

  • Better planning and prioritizing of your changes

  • Visible risk control

  • Overview of the economic consequences of changes

  • Optimized utilization of resources when carrying out well-planned changes

  • Fewer incidents caused by lack of change management

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