Plug in your routines and save energy

IHLP Automation automates your trivial routines and makes IHLP interact with your other IT solutions and systems. This allows you to invest your time and energy where you get most out of it.

Initial Support

To optimize initial support activities, the flow of information, and the interaction with end users, iSpoc offers a series of tools that can be implemented in your IHLP environment:

Ongoing Support

When the support tasks have been received by your service desk function, you can benefit from a series of IHLP tools that minimizes the time spent on typing information, enhances the means for communicating with the end users, and integrates the use of other tools in the handling of tasks:

On-site Support

iSpoc has made on-site support simple and easy for employees on the move:

Support Assessment

With iSpoc's reporting tools and solutions for monitoring tasks, you get the tools necessary to provide your interested parties with thorough reports:

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