The basis of better service.
For colleagues, customers and citizens.

Get quickly and easily back on track,
when you meet everyday obstacles.

For all of us who learn from our mistakes.
And share our knowledge with others.

Plan your changes. And
get your projects safely into port.

A world of knowledge.
All gathered in one place.

A benchmark for your services.
Making sure expectations are aligned.

Plug in the routines.
And save your energy.


How can IHLP you?

When you aim to automate your service activities and optimize your business processes, simplicity and flexibility are the keys to success.

Our widely distributed IHLP software is designed to simplify the handling of your service management processes - with the necessary flexibility to meet tomorrow's requirements.

Optimizes any service activity

The fundamental use of roles in IHLP enables the software to underpin and optimize any service function in your organization; from the IT department's ITIL-inspired processes to the activities in customer support, in facility management, in the HR section - and the organization's logistic and quality departments.

Developed in cooperation with the users

IHLP is developed in close interaction with the users of our software. This ensures that IHLP always stays tuned to user needs, requirements and expectations.

At iSpoc our main focus is, what IHLP can do for you.