IHLP Problem

Take control of your problems before they escalate

If IHLP Incident is already a part of your service solution, you should consider IHLP Problem. IHLP Problem lets you profit from the work of registering mishaps and incidents done in IHLP Incident.

IHLP Problem gives you tools for identifying reoccurring incidents, and for registering root causes, workarounds and solutions to your reoccurring incidents. In brief, IHLP Problem gives you a simple way find and eliminate the sources of errors that slow down business processes. The result is better management of problems, less day-to-day firefighting and fewer organizational vulnerabilities.

The problem management process is the key to proactive support. Some your benefits with IHLP Problem are:

  • Less day-to-day firefighting
  • Better solutions to problems
  • Increased productivity
  • More satisfied stakeholders
  • Fewer organizational vulnerabilities

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