Cookie and Privacy Policy

Cookie and Privacy Policy

(Policy for the treatment of cookies and personal data)

1. General
When you visit one of iSpoc's websites, iSpoc collects information about you. Below, you can read about the information collected, including how the information is processed, for what purpose, to whom the information is accessible, and whom to contact if you have questions or objections relating to the information collected.

iSpoc collects information about you in two ways:

  • By the use of cookies
  • By you providing personal information

2. Cookies

2.1 What are cookies?
The first time you visit one of iSpoc's websites, you will automatically receive one or more cookies. A cookie is a small text file stored by your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera etc.), which registers you as a unique user. Cookies makes it easier to use websites on the internet, because websites can use cookies to remember information about your preferences.

2.2 For what do we use cookies?
Cookies help iSpoc learn more about your visit.

In order to determine, who visits iSpoc's websites, we use cookies to keep customer and user related statistics. We collect information about how much time you spend on our website, which areas and pages you read, if your device and browser has previously been used to visit our site, what browser and operating system you are using and your IP address.

This helps us ensure that the pages we publish are being used and read.

2.3 For how long are the cookies stored?
The cookies that are sent to you are stored on your device for a number of months after your last visit to one of iSpoc's websites. Each time you revisit a website, the cookies expiration date are renewed. These cookies are automatically deleted after their expiration. Below, you can read how you can delete or block these cookies.

2.4 How can you avoid cookies?
If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can block all cookies, delete existing cookies from your device, or receive a warning before your browser stores cookies. You can always use the help facility in your browser to get more information on cookie settings. This is typically done by pressing F1 on your PC or by searching for management of cookie settings in your browsers help facility.

3. Personal information

3.1 What is personal information
iSpoc asks for your customer and user related information, when you ask for further information or order products or services on one of iSpoc's websites. It is primarily information such as your organization, name, address, zip-code, phone number and email address, but it can also be information about your interests etc.

3.2 For how long do we store personal information?
When you order or buy services or products on iSpoc's websites or when you ask for further information on iSpoc's products or services, we need your personal information to be able to deliver the products, services, or information to you. Subsequently, the information can be archived.

If you sing up for newsletters, competitions etc., your personal information is stored up to three years after the service is cancelled.

3.3 For what do we use personal information?
The personal information we collect about you, when you, for example, create a profile on one of iSpoc's services, ask for further information or order services or products, will be used primarily to complete the purchase or service, for which the information is collected. The information is also used to let iSpoc get more familiar with you. The information will not be disclosed to third parties unless you give your explicit consent thereto or of legislation relating to personal data processing as an exception allows for the transmission of general customer information.

If you have given your consent to receive direct marketing, news, promotions etc., we may also use the collected information to target the marketing you receive by phone, letter or electronic media.

Please remember, that any information you provide – including personal information - in a public forum such as an online discussion, is not covered by this privacy policy and may be seen by third parties unrelated to iSpoc. We therefore recommend that you carefully consider, which information you provide when using such forums.

3.4 Protection of personal data
In accordance with the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data, your personal information is kept secure and confidential. We store the personal information you provide on computer systems with limited access, located in supervised facilities. However, we cannot guarantee complete security of data transfers on the internet. This means that there is a risk that a third party can gain access to information by means of unjustified force, when data is send and kept electronically. Please be aware that you provide your personal data at your own risk.

3.5 Changes to the processing of personal data
Due to the rapid development of the internet, it may prove necessary to apply changes to our treatment of personal information. We reserve the right to update and amend these guidelines for the processing of personal data. If we do so, the date of 'Last updated on' at the bottom of this page will be updated. In the event of substantial changes we will notify you in the form of a visible message on our sites.

4. Contact
If you wish to access the information recorded about you at iSpoc, or if you become aware of incorrect data registration or have other objections, please write us at or call us at +45 70 231 291. You have the opportunity to gain insight into what information is stored about you, and you may object to the registration under the rules of the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data.

Best regards

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Last updated on the 24.05.2018.

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