New IHLP Move


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New IHLP Move


We have just launched a new version of our popular service app IHLP Move. And it provides full freedom of action for your onsite service and support activities.

With IHLP Move, you can easily book and manage services, report events, and serve your service tasks while on the move. In addition, IHLP Move provides you with knowledge about your users and the equipment you are handling while you're around. You can photo document with IHLP Move - and avoid manual entries when you autofill with QuickForms in IHLP Move. IHLP Move is designed for both your customers and support agents - whether they're using iPhone and iPad or Android devices.

Feel free, visit Apple App Store or Google Play and download your IHLP Move service app: It's ready for action when using IHLP 4.9.

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