iSpoc uses a number of proven methods and tools in our efforts to identify and optimize your processes. Here are examples of some of the methods:

Process Improvement

What is the direction of our process work, and how we operationalize the plans? Process Improvement helps defining organization's project vision and objectives. The current situation is assessed, focusing on organization, processes and tools. Establish a project plan, which through metrics continuously re-evaluated - thus, the organization will succeed the improvement activities.

GAP Analysis

A Gap Analysis identifies the organization's current position, potential risks and opportunities, and it creates the right foundation for the successful implementation of one or more processes in the organization.

Process Maturity Assessment

How mature is the organization's processes - and is the organization prepared to mature processes? Process Maturity Assessment is a special analysis method based on self-assessment and answer questions. The aim is to provide the organization with a quick overview of its process assessment.

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