iSpoc's history

iSpoc's history

Normally we look forward, but here we take a look back.

iSpoc is established in 2006 and our solutions have roots back to 2000. Here are some of the most important milestones along the way.


Yet another year full of exciting activities, including the launch of IHLP 4.9 and a brand new version of IHLP Move, which can now be used on both Apple devices / iOS and on Android devices. Also the year in which iSpoc launched several GDPR initiatives in addition to IHLP Stat with integration to The Agency for Governmental IT Services. A large number of authorities and businesses have chosen IHLP as their new service solution in 2018. In addition to the fact that many of the existing users have expanded the use of IHLP through 2018.


The City of Copenhagen choosed iSpoc as a supplier of IHLP. And iSpoc also expanded its position in the private sector, where Palsgaard chose IHLP as an ITSM solution. 2017 was also the year when two became three when Marianne Bach joined the partner circle in iSpoc together the two existing founders, Lennart Fuglsang Pedersen and Casper Bøgeholdt Andersen.


Now we passed the first 10 years, and we are proud that several of our customers have accompanied us through our journey and with a number of new exciting customers (who have kept us well engaged over Christmas ' 15). And with a great team of colleagues who are passionate about delivering solutions that optimize our clients' service activities.


The new IHLP version 4.8 was launched and was well received in Denmark and abroad. In addition we launched a number of exciting new IHLP Solutions, which was described in our IHLP Lookbook. And IHLP was delivered to a number of new exciting organizations.


The year when we got IHLP started with several Norwegian organizations. And the year where we got IHLP Estate initiated by including several municipalities in Denmark, including Naestved and Holbaek.


A number of new customers were choosing iSpoc for IHLP and XenMobile. In addition, many of our existing customers expand their use of IHLP. In June 2013 we launched the service-app IHLP Move followed by the launch of IHLP Estate in August 2013. At the same time IHLP Move is nominated by the media house called Ingeniøren for the Productprice 2013.


The development of IHLP version 4.7 is well under way, and we show fragments of the new version at this year's IHLP Symposium entitled 'Simply improve'. iSpoc's app IHLP Move is presented in a Service Desk conference and attract interest from more than one in four guest. iSpoc enters into a cooperation with XenMobile.


iSpoc launches CodoXo, which allows users of IHLP space to share their ideas for extensions of IHLP and parts costs to launch these ideas.


For IHLP Symposium theme is 'Razor sharp services' and one of the country's brightest chefs, Wassim Hallal, challenging participants by providing service as a competitive tool. The day was immortalized in 'Cookbook for better service'. IHLP are becoming more common and more than 1 million people now have access to request services through solutions based on IHLP.


More than every third Ministry and every 10 municipality among a number of other authorities are now using IHLP. At the same time, more and more businesses choose IHLP for optimizing their service processes.


IHLP is considerably expanded, and begin in earnest also to be put to use outside IT departments.


iSpoc is growing and moving from King's Brewery to Wildersgade in Christianshavn (Copenhagen). Along with a number of the first customers have implemented IHLP 2007, iSpoc also establishes cooperation with a number of technology partners.


iSpoc become established as an independent company in early January 2006 in the same period IHLP 3.0 implemented in a number of new customers. Together Casper Bøgeholdt Andersen and Lennart Fuglsang Pedersen share the idea of developing the most intuitive and flexible solutions for Service Management. For the annual IHLP Symposium we proudly present the first prototypes of the new IHLP 2007 version. iSpoc sign agreements with a number of customers on the new IHLP 2007, and establishes an exciting collaboration with the municipality of Odense (birthplace of the world famous Danish author Hans Christian Andersen), which actively contributes to the development of IHLP 2007.


IHLP version 2 and 3 are launched, and IHLP really starting to position itself among the market's support tools.


Lennart Fuglsang Pedersen and Casper Bøgeholdt Andersen start cooperation.


One of iSpoc's founders Lennart Fuglsang Pedersen wrote the first lines of code in Fischer & Kerrn and support tool IHLP 1.0 sees the light of day. In the same period build iSpoc's second founder Casper Bøgeholdt Andersen experience with some of the most ambitious managed services partners through his current work for Siemens.

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