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March 2015

With iSpoc Output we provide you with ongoing information about the actions of iSpoc and about some of the activities we have engaged in.

A spring filled with news

IN RECENT MONTHS, we have participated in many new service projects, where a good portion has included topics such as; self-service, documentation and help for process optimization.

In addition, our IHLP Solutions team has used some of the dark winter nights thinking, designing, developing and testing new configurations, which is now ready for delivery. And last but not least, we have put a lot of energy in the development of IHLP 4.8, which we look forward to present at our IHLP Symposium on June 4th.

IHLP 4.8 launches in June

OUR NEW IHLP 4.8 launches in June. Together with the invitation to IHLP Symposium ' 15 it gets you much more information about our new version, which, among other things contains; IHLP Analytics, new form options, drag/drop of files to your cases and many other exciting news.

Get service “in house” with IHLP

IHLP ESTATE finds its way to more and more organizations that sees the benefits in a single and economically manageable tool to handle the daily tasks in the service of buildings, land and other technical installations. At the same time, it is advantageous to optimize collaboration across service functions, if you already use IHLP in your organization's IT Department.

Most lately implementations are with Holbæk Municipality IHLP Estate, the Danish Immigration Service and Næstved Municipality.

Consultant days ensures progress and results

INCREASINGLY, we plan in advance a number of permanent consultancy days per month, where one or more of our consultants are present at your location.

This creates visibility and ensures progress in activities - also in periods where other projects, otherwise can take the focus away from your Service management activities. At the same time, it is a good foundation for cooperation through a joint effort - where we are working towards the goals and milestones, which we have agreed.

In addition to our own skilled consultants, we have also attached a number of freelance profiles which assist in selected ITSM and FM disciplines, with a particular focus on organizational and business disciplines.

IHLP Symposium '15

AHOY! THIS YEAR IT IS THE 10. YEAR, we invite to IHLP Symposium.

IHLP Symposium '15 lies at anchor in Elsinore. From here we head toward our new IHLP version 4.8, like the Symposium also will be charged with exciting posts and practical workshops.

The Symposium will take place on Thursday, June 4th. So set already now a large cross in the calendar. You will receive an invitation in the near future.


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