IHLP Estate Service in an economic scale

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Service in an economic scale

When the benefits of using IHLP Estate gives you more efficient work patterns, you get time free for other purposes.

Imagine that in a more systematic handling of your many tasks, it will free up at least 5% of your working time. Are you in a department with 10 employees, obtains the department an annual gain of 828 hours when each of the 10 employees streamlines 5% of 1656 hours (one working year). Your staff costs reflects the national average of € 39 per. hour, so it gives you € 31,850 in economic benefit of this efficiency per. year! Hours and economy, you can spend on other activities - and that means that you will have a return of your investment in the initial year.

And in our calculation we have not even recognized the benefits it gives you when you get a better documentation of your tasks, while also giving your customers access to self-service through the service portal: Initiatives that contributes positively to the experience of your services among your customers and partners.

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