IHLP Estate A number of benefits

Ready to house your service tasks
on your properties and installations.

A number of benefits

IHLP Estate helps you optimize your work in several areas: Employees have checklists at hand, good instructions and simple opportunities for reporting tasks by taking photos and using the QR technology when they are on the go. And all this is done with a minimum of entries that may otherwise have been time consuming and lengthy.

The better management of tasks and greater mobility provides inter alia:

  • Less double work
  • Better access to relevant knowledge
  • Improved quality
  • Increased effectiveness of case management
  • Better internal control
  • Increased opportunities for follow-up
  • Increased level of documentation

Furthermore, tasks are solved better - independent of time and place.

Made in Denmark

IHLP is designed and developed in Denmark in close cooperation with a number of companies and municipalities as Odense and Næstved. And just alignment with customers ensures that IHLP Estate operates on the user's premises, with the greatest focus on simplicity, automation and efficiency through the tool.

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