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Getting Started

Our focus is to get you started with IHLP Estate - and constantly ensure that you benefit from the tool. That is why our packages include hours for installation of the software and for teaching you how to use the tool. And you get full access to phone support and online support from iSpoc, so that help will be at hand, should you have any questions about using IHLP Estate.

As a customer at iSpoc, you should expect us propose a meeting from time to time, so we can stay aware of how you use IHLP Estate, give you good advice, and get your input to the continued development of IHLP Estate.

Do you want to get going?

IHLP Estate can be applied to your existing intranet, extranet, and Internet sites. And it can be integrated with other of your systems, so that you will not have to manually transfer information between your systems. Finally, we find it worth to mention, that it typically only takes 1-2 days to get started with IHLP Estate.

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