IHLP Estate

Ready to house your service tasks
on your properties and installations.

Better service of your facilities

Is your daily life characterized by disruption, as well as customers and colleagues who juggle with your time? And is this combined with double work, difficult access to relevant information and heavy workflows when you are around and support your properties, technical installations and customers? Then help is at hand ...

With IHLP Estate we offer a simple and effective service solution that gives you a good flow in your daily work, whether it's handling of small routine tasks or larger projects. And you can even use the solution from your mobile when you are in the field.

Keep track of your tasks and inventory

IHLP Estate is a service and inventory management in a simple and effective way. The solution is available in two variants: One to streamline task management around your properties, and an extended version which also gives you good opportunities to care for your inventory and technical installations through IHLP.

IHLP Estate includes:

  • One single service solution to manage tasks around your property activities.
  • Well-structured windows, where you can prioritize tasks, as it suits you.
  • A portal where your customers and colleagues can request services and report incidents.
  • Ability to deal with tasks on your mobile through the service app IHLP Move.
  • Functions to process and complete tasks using single cases.
  • Integration with your mail system so you and your customers also will be notified by mail as the tasks are processed.

If you choose the extended version, you get even the option to register your inventory and technical installations in IHLP Estate, and access the information through the service app IHLP Move.

About IHLP Estate

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