IHLP Move for Facility Management

Facility Management

If you are a facility manager and need an effective way to report maintenance tasks, repairs, events, and orders, IHLP Move is an easy-to-use support tool for collecting and prioritizing your daily tasks.

The tasks reported through IHLP Move are monitored in your central IHLP solution. Here you can follow up on which properties have what problems - and prioritize your efforts based on geographical and professional considerations. You can also associate property-specific information for all your tasks, thus IHLP will provide you with relevant knowledge about types of support tasks in your various properties, and you can use IHLP to effectively to manage your facility management activities and distribute tasks internally - and to subcontractors.

You can even give your tenants self-service related to the key tool through IHLP Move or your self-service portal. It gives you a central management of activities, whether performed by your own employees or by partners.


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The universal service app

IHLP Move is meant for any type of onsite support. Some of the areas, you can optimize with IHLP Move are:

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