Municipality of Næstved

The Municipality of Næstved

When Self-Service Leads to Optimizations

A few years ago, the Municipality of Næstved decided to shut down all support via phone in the service desk. At the time, answering phone calls cluttered up a considerable amount of resources, and better prioritizing of the many daily tasks was imperative. Often, when an employee got through to the service desk and got an answer to his question or a solution to his problem, the line could be blocked for users with more urgent matters. As a result, the employees of the service desk was unnecessarily put under pressure, time and resources were invested inappropriately, and, last but not least, customers were dissatisfied.

The cooperation with iSpoc began after the municipality had considered a series of different, new tools, including IHLP. After implementing IHLP, the municipality moved the physical location of its service desk, which previously had been just inside of the doorway. Furthermore, an appointment was required if you wanted personal assistance. The pressure at the service desk was diminished, and at the same time, the customers got a feeling of being well taken care of, since their requests were treated systematically.

In the summer of 2012, the Municipality of Næstved chose to expand their IHLP solution to take in the systems E-doc and Prisme as super users, giving the qualified staff the opportunity to create and manage requests in IHLP. Today, the IT staff at the schools of the municipality uses IHLP, and the financial department uses IHLP to underpin its workflows.

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