The Municipality of Albertslund

"With IHLP we have gotten tool that
ensures proper handling of tasks ..."

The Municipality of Albertslund

IHLP Provides an Overview that Frees Resources

Deficient documentation and insufficient registration of tasks. This was previously the case in the Digitalization Centre of the Danish Municipality of Albertslund. But on entering into the cooperation with iSpoc, a plan for optimizing the activities in the municipality's Digitalization Centre was laid out. A plan involving the various interested parties in the planning and implementation of initiatives and measures.

Today, all requests for support are systematically registered, and the users requesting the services of the digitalization centre know precisely where to go, when they need help. The employees have solid insight into the processes of the Digitalization Centre, and the processes have been rooted well. At the same time fettered resources have been set free, and instead of merely acting as day-to-day fire-fighters the IT department assists in a series of IT and digitalization projects in the municipality.

David Schoenbaum from the Digitalization Centre, explains: “With IHLP we have gotten tool that ensures proper handling of tasks and requests across all of our departments and units. This means a lot in day-to-day business, as it enables us to deliver efficient services and gives us means to share knowledge internally about the many requests and tasks we handle.”

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