Efficient service in all professions

Our IHLP software is designed to optimize and automate your service processes to give you notable improvements throughout your entire value chain. IHLP is based on the use of roles and today it’s used to support various service functions in organizations across disciplines, roles and industries. Find examples here of fields of application, and do not hesitate to contact iSpoc, if you find it inspiring and you want to hear more about your possibilities.

IT Service

When deliver IT support, IHLP is a great tool for categorizing and prioritizing service requests, incidents, changes etc. Not only because it is easy to use, but also because it gives your employees access to relevant information, which enables them to make the right decisions, when matters are to be dealt with efficiently. IHLP underpins the ITIL inspired workflows in the IT departments of the Municipality of Næstved, University of Southern Denmark, Hummel and Statistics Denmark.


Give your CSR employees the best opportunities to demonstrate the conditions they encounter through images and sounds when they are on the location where things are happening. Let them use the efficient task management tools in IHLP to prioritize efforts, and take advantage of the opportunities for flexible reporting to make results visible. Simply establish a holistic solution for all of your CSR activities.

Technical Service

Expedient prioritizing of pending tasks and access to relevant documentation are necessities when technicians are to service production equipment, terminals or other technical installations efficiently. IHLP gives the service technicians a head start by underpinning and optimizing their workflows and letting them create and access relevant documentation easily when they are providing services on location.

Customer Service

Using IHLP to underpin the activities in your customer service department will optimize workflows and provide you with an overview of all your service activities. It frees up more resources for services, gives a closer contact with customers and creates a breeding ground for greater loyalty to your business. Xerox, Schultz and Formpipe are among the organizations underpinning customer service activities with IHLP.

Citizen Service

Most authorities have a digitization strategy encompassing support and self-service. Using IHLP you can provide citizens with online access to citizen services, and you can underpin precisely those workflows you wish to optimize. The Danish Registration Authority is one of the authorities using IHLP to deliver services to citizens.

Real Estate Service

If you are a caretaker and need an efficient way to keep track of maintenance tasks, repairs, incidents and orders, IHLP is an easy manageable support tool for registering and prioritizing day-to-day tasks. Among the organizations optimizing workflows in real estate services are Municipality of Holbæk, Campus Vejle and The Danish Immigration Service.

Merchandise Support

If you wish to optimize workflows utilized when opening stores, and deliver merchandise support in your stores, IHLP is a great choice. Furthermore providing your employees with the app IHLP Move, allows them to easily report and document matters on location using pictures, text and sound.


Selected Projects

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