IHLP Move for CSR


Give your CSR employees the best opportunities to document the situations they perceive through text and images when they visit the world´s focal points. Get your efforts prioritized through the effective ticket handling in IHLP - and visualize the results with the flexible reporting capabilities in IHLP.

With IHLP Move, you can establish a comprehensive solution for all your CSR activities - and convert your CSR plans into specific areas of action that provide measurable results: From your planning-oriented activities in the organization to ongoing control activities by your stakeholders and evaluating the activities in your own areas. 

IHLP Move offers your CSR program a good tool support and ensures that your activities are rooted in your team with the necessary transparency. IHLP Move can be configurated to the different organizations that use the solution so that special industry requirements for your CSR activities also will be met.


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The universal service app

IHLP Move is meant for any type of onsite support. Some of the areas, you can optimize with IHLP Move are:

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